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How Variations Work on Bigcommerce with Suredone

Variations in integration depend on fields marked as variation option. In SureDone, you can set all the variant fields according to your preferences. For instance, if your product is a T-shirt available in Black, White, and Red, you need to inform SureDone that the color field represents the variation for that product. Manage your variant fields here.


Let's consider the variant options as size, color and gender. When listing this product for the first time from Suredone to Bigcommerce, all three fields must be filled in to generate the option. After the initial listing, your product will have the variant option on Bigcommerce. Subsequently, any variation you wish to add MUST have all three fields filled to avoid errors. (Note: You cannot add a new variation with only gender and color if you set size value as a variation field during your first listing). 


  • It's not mandatory to fill all fields if you don't want to. Following the above example, you can have a product with only size and color and omit setting gender. You can achieve this by leaving the gender field empty during the first listing.

  • Important: Once you have created a listing with specific variation fields, it CANNOT be modified. To add or remove options, you need to delete the product and relist again.

Bigcommerce shorcuts

If you have common options for your products, Bigcommerce offers a feature that allows you to design a set of options for reuse. The availability of this feature depends on your store version.

Bigcommerce Shared Options (V3 Version):

If your Bigcommerce store is on the newer V3 version, you can use the Shared Options Id's feature. Here is the guide on how to use it and publish products with it:

Bigcommerce V2, options sets and listing

For Bigcommerce V2 stores, you can utilize options sets. Here are the guides:

Frequently Asked Questions/Errors:

1. How can I set the display type of variant options ?

Unfortunately, you can only display your options on the Bigcommerce store using the default display (which currently is the rectangle). However, you have some options to work around this:

Solution 1: Utilize Shared Options Id's and set the display on the Bigcommerce platform.

Solution 2: If you've already created the product with variant options and want to change the display, you can directly modify it on Bigcommerce:

- Go to product -> Variations section -> Configure Options

- Change type and save

Solution 3: If you have a Bigcommerce theme, you can potentially edit the theme to change the default display to another style.

2. Error: Variant needs OPTION field to be created

This error occurs when you try to list a variant with an empty field that is considered a variant option. For example, if you listed a product with size and color as variation fields (Red, XL), and then attempt to list a new variant with only color: Black without specifying size, the system will show the error "Variant needs size field to be created."

Solution : Add the correspondent value for the field that is returning the error.

3. I accidentally sent a variation option that I don't want on this product

Solution 1: Set the same value for all products. For instance, if you have a product only in size L and you listed it with color:Red and size:L, continue listing variants with color:Black, size:L, color:Blue, size:L, and so on.

Solution 2: Completely recreate the item. Delete the product on both Suredone and Bigcommerce and start afresh.

Solution 3: Recreate the listing from scratch without deleting it from Suredone. If you wish to remove an already created option, you must delete the product on the Bigcommerce platform. Then, remove all values from Suredone for the fields you don't want to consider as variant options. Finally, clean the old Id's on Suredone for that product (Contact support for assistance) and relist it.