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Managing your Bigcommerce Settings

    • The settings can be accessed from Settings > Plugins > Bigcommerce.

  • Categories, Option Sets, Tax Class, Brands
    • Here are the lists of available values in SureDone for listing to Bigcommerce.
    • Values selected in these boxes prior to the page being saved, will load as defaults when you create new products.
    • Click “Refresh” on each to pull in the most recent list of values from Bigcommerce.
    • Multiple values for categories only may be selected by holding down the CNTL or CMD keys.

  • Import Products
    • Will generate a csv of product data from Bigcommerce in the Bulk Results section of SureDone.

  • Import Orders
    • Will manually force the Orders Import to run immediately, instead of waiting for the next scheduled run.

  • Authorize/Re­authorize
    • After all the API credentials are filled in, click to authorize the connect & make sure that the connection validates.
    • If the credentials are updated, the user must update the informantion & click Re­Authorize, not Save.
    • See the section on Account Setup for more information.


If you need to manage your brands or categories in Bigcommerce, please see the instructions here, 7.2.1 Managing Brands in Bigcommerce or 7.2.2 Managing your Categories in Bigcommerce.

Now that you have all your settings in order you are ready for 7.3 Importing products from Bigcommerce into SureDone.