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Importing products from Bigcommerce into SureDone

When you start a Bigcommerce import, you will only get an imported results file. There is no auto­upload option. Once complete, the file will show up under Bulk Results. The results file for the “upload” file will say “Bigcommerce Import” inside the csv. The file is ready for immediate upload, with action=start in the first column to create drafts. If editing existing products, the file & action must be modified prior to upload. If you are planning on importing your Big Commerce custom fields with your product import, please read through this guide beforehand: https://support.suredone.com/solution/articles/1000249394

SKU Matching on Import

Importing products from Big Commerce is usually done during the onboarding process.  Please take care when importing products from Big Commerce may have been imported from other channels already and thus exist in SureDone.  When this occurs please ensure that the SKUs imported from Big Commerce match the SKU for the item that was imported from another channel such as Amazon or eBay.  If the SKUs do not match, please edit the imported products accordingly before upload and alter the action to edit for those products. If you have any questions, concerning the data in your import, please speak the SureDone representative handling your onboard. 

Running an Import

  1. To start an import go to Settings > Plugins > Bigcommerce.
  2. Click “Import Products” to pull your current products into a SureDone bulk upload file:

  3. The imported data can be accessed from Products > Bulk Uploads > Results.
  4. Click on the link to download.
  5. Open the downloaded file and review the file for accuracy.
  6. Determine if you would like to draft (status=start) or add (status=add) the imported products and edit the action in the first column in the file if necessary.
  7. Move the SKU to the second column or insert a new column to assign the GUID.
  • Note that headers such as title and price will be populated with values from Bigcommerce. 
  • Remember to delete any data you don’t want SureDone to overwrite before editing a current listing.

       8.  Upload file from Products > Bulk Uploads > Upload.

       9.  If you would like to host the images in SureDone, check “import media”. 

  • This will increase the file processing time.

      10. When upload processing complete, download and review the Results file to check for errors from Products > Bulk Uploads >                Results.

You can find out more on how this works in Section 14: Bulk Uploading.

 Imported Data



Bigcommerce Field


SureDone header






guid &



SKU is optional in Bigcommerce, if blank, SureDone will use the SKU generator on upload.


SKU ID (backend)




This field should not be edited. It is required to sync to Bigcommerce (variations).


Listing ID (backend)




This field should not be edited. It is required to sync to Bigcommerce.




Title &


If you want to avoid overwriting your title, simply delete that column before uploading the import file.
Note: title is required for new products









Price &


If you want to avoid overwriting your price, simply delete that column before uploading the import file.






The name (case sensitive) of the product’s brand. Must be found in the most recently refreshed list of Bigcommerce brands.






Numerical code corresponding to user defined

Categories (see “Plugin Options” section). May contain multiple values in a [#, #, #] format.



Option Set




Numerical code corresponding to user defined

Option Set (see “Plugin Options” section)


See also, section on Variations Support


Tax Class




Numerical code corresponding to user defined

Tax Class (see section below)


Bin Picking Number








bigcommerce_description &



If you want to avoid overwriting your longdescription, simply delete that column before uploading the import file


Sale Price





Retail Price (RRP)










Stock Level





























Refurbished will map to Manufacturer

Refurbished on Import






Bigcommerce­hosted image URL

Notes on Import File SKUs:

  • Items without SKUs for Bigcommerce will not have a value for SKU or GUID in the import file.
    • One will be generated, when the file is uploaded, if you are using the SKU generator.
  • Variations will use the SKU of the first option in the file as the SKU of the parent, and the SKUs of each subsequent option for the GUID of that item in SureDone.

Now that you have imported your current Bigcommerce inventory, you are ready for  7.4 Creating new products for Bigcommerce listing.

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