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How Options Sync to SureDone

SureDone will only check the fields associated with the Options that are apart of the chosen Option Set. You can alter the options associated with an option set by following the instructions  found in 7.5.1Creating Options and Building Option Sets. 

  • Options in Bigcommerce are associated (‘linked’) to fields in SureDone by their (internal) Option Name without spaces or capitalization.
  • This can be a SureDone system field (e.g. ‘color’) or a custom user field.
  • Make sure the SureDone name (header) matches the Bigcommerce Display Name or the field will not be linked. Spelling must be exact, but not capitalization or spacing.
    • e.g. the SureDone header ‘spicelevel’ will sync with an Option in Bigcommerce with a Display Name of ‘Spice Level’ or ‘spiceLevel’ etc.
  • If an Option is in use when a Bigcommerce import is run, these custom user fields will automatically be created and ‘linked’ to options in Bigcommerce.
    • The data for these options will also be imported with the field creation.