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Creating new products for Bigcommerce listing

You are able to create new products in SureDone and push them to Bigcommerce. This includes variations, which will be discussed in 7.5 Variations on Bigcommerce.

To list on Bigcommerce:

In order to focus on the basic procedure needed to push new products from SureDone to Bigcommerce, this section will only focus on the required fields. 

The required fields for listing on Bigcommerce are:

  • Title
  • Price
  • Bigcommerce Category

To create a new listing, use the following workflow:

1. Once logged into SureDone, click on Products in the top menu bar.

2. Select New Product.

3. Start by filling out the general fields. 

4. In this example, we have added information for 2 of the Bigcommerce required fields (Title, and Price).

5. This information will automatically fill in your Bigcommerce specific fields as well.

6. You can override the general information using the Bigcommerce specific fields later in the procedure if necessary.

7. There are also some recommended fields to fill out in this section. 

a. The fields: Stock, Brand, Size, Color, Style, Notes, and SKU

b. Use the Notes field to describe the condition of any item not listed as new.

c. If you are using the SKU generator, then you may leave the SKU field blank.

8. Click on Bigcommerce in the menu on the left to quickly navigate to the Bigcommerce specific fields. 

9. Verify the title you added in the General tab. Edit this field if necessary.

10. Notice that the price from the General tab has been copied down. Edit this field if necessary.

11. You will now need to add a Bigcommerce Category.

a. Either start typing a Category or select one from the dropdown list.

To Add an Image to your Bigcommerce listing:

12. Click on the media section from the menu on the left. 

13. If you have the image stored on your computer, click on browse to add the image file.

14. You can also post a URL of the image, if you already have the image loaded to the web.

15. Now that you have added all the required fields, return to the General tab by clicking on General in the menu on the left.

16. Verify that List on Bigcommerce is checked and click the add button to list the product on BigCommerce.

a. If you are not ready to list the product, you can use the create a draft button, so you finish listing later.

b. If you want to start over without listing, click the Reset Button.