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Managing Categories in Bigcommerce

Adding a Brand or Category

SureDone is able to map brands and categories to Bigcommerce, and shoppers can use either to search for products within Bigcommerce. Brands and Categories must first be set up in Bigcommerce before being imported into SureDone.

Note: only one Brand can be mapped, while multiple categories can be mapped.  If you need to manage your brands in Bigcommerce, please see the instructions here, 7.2.1 Managing Brands in Bigcommerce. 

Managing Categories

Every product needs a category in order to be listed in Bigcommerce. Categories map to the URL where the items is to be listed and the description of that page.

Note, unlike Brand:

  • a Category is hierarchical
  • a product can be assigned to multiple Categories
  • a Category is stored as an ID and a description

To add a new Category to the system, navigate to the Category screen: 

To add a category, navigate to the Category screen. Since Categories are hierarchical it is important that the new Category is added in the correct location. Note how Categories can be expanded to reveal sub-categories:

Upon selecting the correct location for the new Category, the description and the URL should be entered, together with any description required by Bigcommerce.

Note that the location can be changed if needed from this page: 

When complete, Choose the appropriate option to add the Category: 

Now that you have all your Bigcommerce settings managed, it's time for 7.2.3 Importing Bigcommerce Brands and Categories into SureDone.