Big Commerce is a popular shopping cart solution. With Big Commerce, you can build a custom webstore or storefront. From here, you can sell both physical products and digital content, using a secure checkout process.

To learn more about Bigcommerce and their services, you can visit there website:

SureDone integrates with Bigcommerce to display all the items and variations you have in your SureDone inventory on your Bigcommerce site, to make selling easier than ever.

Bigcommerce Integration Functionality

  • Import Bigcommerce products into SureDone using a bulk file
  • List new products on Bigcommerce from SureDone
  • Update existing products in Bigcommerce from SureDone
  • Add, remove, and import images and their descriptions
  • Variations
    • See 7.5 Variations on Bigcommerce for requirements & limits to the functionality.
  • Import Bigcommerce fields such as Categories, Option Sets, Tax Classes, Brands
  • Import Orders from Bigcommerce to SureDone


Limits of the Integration

  • The current integration does not support different prices, images, or weights with variation listings.
  • SureDone cannot create or modify Option Sets
    • You can create them inside Bigcommerce and refresh the SureDone integration to pull them in.
  • SureDone cannot create new Categories or Brands
    • You can create them inside Bigcommerce and refresh the SureDone integration to pull them in.
  • Unless you see Bigcommerce advanced features mentioned here, assume the feature is not supported.
  • If you make changes in BigCommerce, they will not be synced to SureDone automatically.
  • An Import and/or Bulk upload must be used to achieve this.

This Section includes:

7.1 Setting up Bigcommerce in SureDone

7.2 Managing your Bigcommcerce Settings

7.2.1 Managing Brands in Bigcommerce

7.2.2Managing Categories in Bigcommerce

7.2.3 Importing Bigcommerce Brands and Categories into SureDone

7.3 Importing products from Bigcommerce into SureDone

7.3.1 Dealing with images for Bigcommerce

7.4 Creating new products for Bigcommerce listing

7.4.1 Converting Conditions on SureDone to Bigcommerce

7.4.2 Bulk Listing

7.5 Variations on Bigcommerce

7.5.1 Creating Options and Building Option Sets

7.5.2 How Options Sync to SureDone

7.5.3 How to List Bigcommerce Varations in Suredone

7.5.4 Editing Listings and Variations

7.6 Importing Orders from Bigcommerce