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Setting up Bigcommerce in SureDone

SureDone now support OAuth via the BigCommerce App Store. 

Please see Authorizing a BigCommerce Store Using OAuth.

SureDone requires three settings to retrieve information from BigCommerce. 

You can find them in your “Legacy API Settings” inside BigCommerce.

Please note that you need to use "Legacy API Settings" - not the standard API credentials.

  • BigCommerce URL
    • This is the “API Path” found under “Legacy API Settings”
    • It is usually the main portion of the URL that is displayed when the user first logs into their bigcommerce account appended with the slug ‘/api/v2’
  • Username
    • This is the Username determined by the user when they create their “Legacy API Account” found under the “Legacy API Settings”
  • Token
    • This is the “API Token” also found under the “Legacy API Settings”
    • This is used as a secret password to authenticate the integration
    • If you ever click the “Generate New Token” button, you will need to update SureDone by Re-authorizing the plugin.

To Setup your Bigcommerce account:

1. In Bigcommerce, go to Legacy API Settings, which are under Settings > Advanced Settings

2. In Legacy API Settings, create a new account or edit an existing one.

3. Copy the username, API Path, and API Token from Bigcommerce into the SureDone Plugin Settings.

4. In SureDone, click “Authorize”

Remember, if you ever click “Generate New Token” in Bigcommerce, you will need to update this and click “Reauthorize”.

5. You will see either a success or error message.

If there is an error, then check the information and try again (taking care about capitalization).

If that doesn’t work, try “Generate New Token” and try again.

If errors persist, then contact SureDone technical support.

6. Once authorized, additional options will appear.

7. Click “Refresh” on all the drop down options to pull in the correct lists from Bigcommerce.

8. Check to confirm that pulled values are correct.

9. Select default values, if desired.

If you chose “Select an Option”, you will have to select them during listing.

All selected default values will be added to all newly created listings.

You have now successfully setup your SureDone Bigcommerce integration.

You may now move on to 7.2 Managing your BigCommerce Settings