When importing products from Bigcommerce, the import file will include the header "bigcommerce­hosted" which includes a URL for any images. These images are not downloaded to SureDone by default.

Importing Images into the SureDone from Bigcommerce

  • To have the files hosted by SureDone, set the import_media flag when uploading the bulk file if they want.

    • The image flagged as “use as thumbnail” will automatically be set to media1 on import.
    • The imported images will be added in the order they are imported.
    • SureDone also imports the descriptions (HTML alt­text) of these images in specific customer user fields.
    • The field names follow the structure meida#alttext (e.g. ‘media1alttext’ …‘media12alttext’) and the field label follows “Media # Description” which is connected to the descriptions for media# (e.g. media1alttext ­>media1, media12alttext ­> media12).
    • SureDone only supports image descriptions for the first 12 images.
    • These custom user fields are auto­generated on import.
    • It will only create as many fields as are in use on Bigcommerce at the time of the import.
  • The fields can also be manually created as long as the naming convention detailed above is followed.