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Authorizing a BigCommerce Store Using OAuth

Going through the following steps will enable you to authorize your BigCommerce store using OAuth:

1.  Log in to your BigCommerce admin site. Then, click Apps on the sidebar:

2. Click Marketplace on the sidebar:

3.  At this point, you'll be in the BigCommerce app marketplace. Here, search for the SureDone app and select it. The following screenshot shows how the SureDone app appears in the app marketplace:

4. When in the SureDone app page, click the Install button:

5. Next, you'll have to confirm the amount of access to BigCommerce that will be given to SureDone by clicking the Confirm button:

6. Once you've confirmed, you'll navigate to a page with the SureDone logo and a drop down menu that allows you to select the SureDone BigCommerce instance you want to authorize to interact with your BigCommerce store:

To select an instance, click on the drop down menu and select the instance you want to authorize. In most cases this will be "bigcommerce", unless you have multiple BigCommerce stores. When that's selected, click Submit:

7. After Submit has been clicked it will turn into an Authorized! button. To complete the authorization process, please click "Authorized!":

You've now successfully authorized SureDone to interact with your BigCommerce store! 

8. Once authorized, head back to SureDone > Settings > Plugins > BigCommerce to set the Store URL. This URL will ensure that the user interface links to production BigCommerce production pages as well send the correct URL to connected integrations such as Google Shopping Actions.

You may now move on to 7.2 Managing your BigCommerce Settings