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How to List Bigcommerce Variations in Suredone

You will need to assign a option set to the parent listing of all variations. 

Reminder: After the Option Sets are created or edited in Bigcommerce, they must be “refreshed” into SureDone under Settings > Plugins > Bigcommerce so they are available for your Vartiation listing. 

Creating a Variation Listing

You will first need to create the parent listing for variation. Use the same basic procedure found in 7.4 Creating new products for Bigcommerce listing.  We will amend the procedure as follows:

  1. You will need to select an option set.
  2. Fill out the fields mapped to the option set selected.
  3. Click “Create Draft +” at the bottom of the page after completing all the information for parent. 

  4. Click  on "Select Action" at the bottom of the screen and then click on “Create Variation”.

  5. Change the value for the Option field & GUID .
  6. The integration supports Option­Level values for the following fields:  Stock, UPC, Cost, BIN Pick Number.
  7. Repeat until all children are created.
  8. Return to the parent and perform a relist action (“Retry Item”).
  9. The listing should then be live!

Remember: Only the parent needs to be “Relisted” to initially create the variation with all children.

Important Considerations for Bigcommerce Variations:

  • SureDone currently, only submits images of the parent to variations, all other images are ignored.
  • If the user wants to specify different images per SKU, they need to use Option Rules.
  • Submitting an invalid value for an Option will not currently cause an error. However, that specific child/SKU will not be created on Bigcommerce.
    • If there are a mix of valid & invalid values in the children, the valid values will still create successfully.

    • The option value must be spelled exactly as it is in Bigcommerce.
    • Option values are capitalization insensitive (‘Orange’ & ‘orange’ & ‘ORaNGe’ are all considered equivalent).
  • The current integration does not support Option­Level values for:
    • Price, Images, Weight
  • These can be setup by the user directly in Bigcommerce after listing, using “Option Rules”

You are now ready to start  7.5.4 Editing Listings and Variations.