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Editing Listings and Variations

Once you have an item listed on Bigcommerce, you can always update information and SureDone will send the new information out to Bigcommerce. This section focuses on editing a single item. See Section 14 Bulk Uploads for bulk editing instructions. 

To edit an Bigcommerce listing:

1. You will first need to find the product you want to edit.

a. You can use the search bar by click on the magnifying glass in the right corner of the top menu.

b. You can also click on All Products from the Products menu and select the item you want form the list by clicking on the SKU in blue. 

2. The green checks in the menu on the left, indicate which sections you have already entered information into.

3. Navigate to the field or fields you want to edit using the menu or by scrolling.

4. Make your updates.

5. From the General tab, deselect any channels you do not want make updates to. 

6. Click on Update to send the new information to Bigcommerce.


Editing Variations:

  • The only difference is when making an update to an child, you must perform the edit (or relist) action on that specific child (not on the parent).

Adding New Variations after listing:

SureDone does support adding more variants/choices after the listing is already listed.

Follow the instructions in 7.5.3How to List Bigcommerce Varations in Suredone  from step 4 after opening the parent listing. 

  1. Simply add a new child in SureDone.
  2. Without leaving the child listing, click on relist to send the new variant to Bigcommerce.  Your new variant should now be live. 
    • Relisting the parent will not add the new variant.