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Variations Management Using Shared Options

The BigCommerce V3 Catalog API relies on the concept of Shared Options to power product variation options. The following describes and illustrates how to use these options with the SureDone integration.

How to create Shared Options on BigCommerce

First, ensure your BigCommerce account is using their V3 Catalog - then follow these steps:

  1. Login to BigCommerce
  2. Click on Products
  3. Click on Product options
  4. Add Shared options

The name of the option must be the same as the variation field used in SureDone. On the following shared option screen you can set the type and values for the option.

IMPORTANT: The values must have exactly the same value (case sensitive) as the shared option - and the name of the field must be the same as the variation field in SureDone. For example, in the above we show the value of Black for the field color. You can also apply the type this way - for example you can set a color swatch for a color variant instead of a rectangle (which is the default).

How to create a product variation with Shared Options in SureDone

In this case the bulk file has the bigcommercesharedoptionid set on a bulk file (or API request). IMPORTANT: you must use an option name that is the same as the variation field.

A sample SureDone Bulk CSV file for loading BigCommerce variations is available here:

Notice that the bigcommerce2sharedoptionid and color columns are required to correctly match the shared option id. The option id can be obtained from within BigCommerce as follows:

Refresh BigCommerce Settings

Go to Channels > BigCommerce > Settings and the Shared Options ID list will automatically refresh.

Ensure Variation Fields are Configured 

Go to Settings > Products & Inventory > Variations Fields and ensure the fields used for each variation option name is created and added as a variation field.

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