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BigCommerce Category Search in SureDone

How can I search for products in certain bigcommerce categories within SureDone?

Unfortunately - there is no way to search for each BigCommerce attribute separately using search query since all attribute data is embedded in the bulk header field "bigcommerceoptions".

So, all you can search is bigcommerceoptions:xxx

For example, if bigcommercecategories for an item is 57, you can get the list of all items with bigcommercecategories:57 if you search with the below query - 


The short-coming of above query is that it might return items where other attribute values are also 57. But if you select specific fields while generating the export - you should get the desired result.

I tried to refine this further and was able to get desired result with the query bigcommerceoptions:["57"]

For your example, with brand:teraflex title:wrangler, you can try using the below search query - 

brand:teraflex title:wrangler bigcommerceoptions:["57"]