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Importing Big Commerce Custom Fields

If you have an existing Big Commerce account prior to linking it to SureDone that has custom fields (or Product Details) on their listings, you have the option to import these custom fields in the initial product import. To import Big Commerce custom fields with you products you can follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to Settings > Plugins > Bigcommerce 

2. Choose "on" in the Import Custom Fields as User Fields option

3. Create custom fields in SureDone that are formatted exactly how it is in Big Commerce using steps in the "Creating a New Custom Field" section of the following guide: https://support.suredone.com/solution/articles/1000248969

4. Click Import Products

When the custom fields are being imported it will convert the Big Commerce custom field to all lower case letters and strip the spaces. It will add as a SureDone custom field (i.e the custom fields in Settings > Advanced) if it already doesn't exist and auto-map to the corresponding Big Commerce custom field you created. To see how they are mapped after the import, you can click Custom Field Mapping in the Big Commerce plugin settings page: 

Note: If you have upper case letters in your Big Commerce custom fields, it will add a Big Commerce custom field that is capitalized and lowercase. The lowercase one created should be deleted. We are planning to address this issue soon.