In SureDone the amznsku must match the Seller SKU on Amazon Seller Central in order to be synced properly. Although the Amazon SKU value can be changed in SureDone, it isn't advised to do so for active listings. In order to successfully change the the Amazon SKU for an active listing, the previous Amazon SKU needs to be deleted from Seller Central and then changed within SureDone using the steps in the following guide: Using this method will result in losing sales history and information that was tied to the older Amazon SKU though so we advise to not change the Amazon SKU (amznsku) if possible. Changing the SureDone guid and sku is still fine and remain synced with Amazon even if the amznsku doesn't match the guid or sku value. When the order imports into the system, it will know which item it matches with and display the guid  value in the Orders view.