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How do I get my Amazon Tax Settings to work with SureDone?

1.  In the Custom Fields tab, create a custom user field called for example called "amazontax" or "producttaxcode" (Make sure it is non-vsible and the default option is A_GEN_TAX.  (Varchar 50) - For help, check out the guide on How To: Create Custom Fields:

2.  In Settings > Channels > Amazon XML Mapping map amazontax / producttaxcode to ProductTaxCode in Amazon.

3.  Bulk edit all the guids and amazontax / producttaxcode and leave amazontax / producttaxcode all blank in the spreadsheet. (Because A_GEN_TAX is the default it will send this in)

This will apply to default amazon tax options to all your listings.

From here - you can submit different tax codes as needed for your products.