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How do I list to Amazon with an ASIN?

For this you need the Suredone editor and a browser window open at the same time.

1.  Find the ASIN and the Brand that is associated with that ASIN by going to the product page on Amazon.com  (screenshot included) 

**Note:  Sometimes you have to search around a little bit to find the ASIN, but this is the easiest way.

2.  Once you have the ASIN (#1 in image)and the Brand that matches the listing (#2 in image) add these pieces of info to Suredone.  (screenshots included)  

3.  Click Retry Channel Relist.  

You should not need any other information other than Brand and ASIN to list the item to Amazon in this way.  I would just clear out the other Amazon info.


**Note Don't worry what the Brand says it make no difference at all, use whatever is in the Amazon listing

Your listing will be added to that ASIN in the next 30-45 minutes, this is due to the way Amazon does its' item additions. (know as throttling)

See also Send Only ASIN.