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Why can't I get an item to list to Amazon using the ASIN?

There are several things that can cause this: 

Reason 1:
When listing on Amazon by ASIN sometimes they are going to require the brand as well. 

The easiest way to find the correct brand for that particular ASIN is by going to the main page for that item and whatever is after by is the Brand.

Solution 1:

Enter the Brand into the SureDone editor and then click on Retry Channel Relist at the bottom of the page. If you wish to have a brand on Amazon that is different from the main editor brand, you can create a Custom User Field and map it to "Brand" under the Amazon XML Settings (What's that?)

Reason 2:
The information you specified, such as brand, color, or number of items in a package is inconsistent with the information Amazon has for that ASIN. In the Amazon logs (SureDone > Bulk > Logs) Amazon will tell you what value is inconsistent and the value that they have in their catalogue. This is called a matching error

Solution 2

Download the Amazon log for the time you updated the product, review the information they have an correct you listing. If the information Amazon has does not match your product - you should not sell on that ASIN as it is not the exact same product. If you are certain that Amazon is incorrect, you should contact their seller support while logged into your Seller Central and report the error.

There are other less common errors - you can find them by downloading the Amazon Log file for that SKU and resolving the error found there. If you have trouble solving the error - Amazon provides a link to Seller Support regarding the error & SureDone has the most common errors catalogued here at support.suredone.com. If neither of those places help you, please submit a ticket so that our support team can help getting your listing fixed!