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Adding Different Photos for Amazon

eBay and Amazon have some differing policies when it comes to their photo requirements. For example, eBay allows sellers to use photos of clothing that are on mannequins or dress forms whereas Amazon has a strict policy against that. SureDone has now added a way to accommodate his by having the ability for sellers to send a different set of photos to their Amazon account.

How it Works

The way you can utilize this feature is by creating custom fields and then going to Channels>Amazon>Manage Fields.

Search for "images" to see the list of all image fields that can be mapped. You will see the option to map fields to PT1 to PT8 as well as a Swatch:


Each PT field corresponds with a media header (PT1 with media1, PT2 with media2, etc) so when any of the PTs are mapped, that corresponding photo will not be sent to Amazon regardless of the custom fields being filled in with an image URL. Below is an example of how you can map these fields:


In this example, images 1 and 5 will not be sent to Amazon because their corresponding positions have been mapped:



Instead, they will send the images linked in their custom fields to Amazon. Images 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 will still be sent to Amazon because their corresponding positions are unmapped.

Next, you can enter the URLs of the images you want uploaded to Amazon in the custom fields you create.



After submitting your item to Amazon, your images will be sent per the mappings that you have set up in the previous steps.

Please note, if you don’t want to send any of the photos in the Media section to the channel then you will need to map PT1 to PT8 to custom fields.

Best Offer Images

Below this section there are more fields that can be mapped for those who want to attach listing images as opposed to product images:


Typically, sellers who used listing photos are selling used items and want to show potential buyers actual pictures of the item without it possibly overwriting the ASIN photo. The photos are usually displayed as small icons when you look at a list of sellers on an ASIN.

These fields can be mapped to the media header if desired like so:



It is important to note, if you are mapping these fields to the media headers and want them to only be listing photos, you will need to map the PT1 to PT8 fields to other custom fields. If your PT1 to PT8 are not mapped, your media images will also send as product images to Amazon and you might be at risk of violation if the photos sent don’t abide by their image policies.

Using Different Photos for Other Amazon Instances

If you have an Amazon unified account, you most likely will want to push the same photos you use for your Amazon Main instance to the other instances. In order to do this properly, you can follow the steps outlined in  this guide for the other instances making sure you map the same custom fields that were created in that instance's XML mapping settings. However, if you want to use different photos from your eBay instance and your other Amazon instances, you can do so by creating a new set of custom fields and follow the steps in the guide to map them in the instance's XML mapping settings.