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How To: Use Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)

SureDone’s Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) can enable orders to be automatically fulfilled through Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) for non-Amazon orders that meet the following criteria at the time of fulfillment:

  • The shipping address country must match the country of the SureDone account
  • The shipping status must not be COMPLETE
  • The order status must not be CANCELED, REFUNDED, COMPLETE or DROPSHIPPED
  • All order items must have a SKU that is linked to a product with a matching guid
  • The products must have an Amazon SKU for the integration powering MCF
    • ie amzn2sku with a value if using the 2nd Amazon instance for MCF
  • The products must have FBA enabled
    • ie amznfba.status with a value of "on" or "switch_on"
  • The products must have enough FBA inventory to cover order item quantities
    • ie amznstockfba with enough inventory to cover each order item quantity

There are two primary ways to use this feature, manually and automatically.

To fulfill orders manually, simply go to Orders and click into on an individual order as shown below.

Once there, click on the “Fulfill with Amazon” button instead of the “Process Shipment” button. You will also be able to choose how you want the order shipped in the “Shipping Speed” drop-down box. Most errors will be returned immediately If there is an issue creating the FBA order request. Upon success, you will need to refresh the order editor to see the updated order and order item statuses.

The definition for each Fulfill Policy are as follows:

  • Fill Or Kill: If an item in a fulfillment order is determined to be unfulfillable before any shipment in the order moves to the Pending status (the process of picking units from inventory has begun), then the entire order is considered unfulfillable. However, if an item in a fulfillment order is determined to be unfulfillable after a shipment in the order moves to the Pending status, Amazon cancels as much of the fulfillment order as possible.
  • Fill All: All fulfillable items in the fulfillment order are shipped. The fulfillment order remains in a processing state until all items are either shipped by Amazon or cancelled by the seller.
  • Fill All Available: All fulfillable items in the fulfillment order are shipped. All unfulfillable items in the order are cancelled by Amazon.

Note: this interface uses the account's primary Amazon integration for MCF. There is a developer API that may be configured to use other account Amazon integrations, contact support for more information about this API.

The second option is to enable MCF to be fully automated. The system default for MCF is disabled and may be set to any one active Amazon integration in your account via the Orders Settings. When disabled you will need to process orders manually as shown above.

If you enable MCF for Auto Fulfillment, SureDone will periodically check and process all non-Amazon orders that meet the following search criteria in addition to the criteria shared in the introduction:

  • Creation date up to 5 days old, which correlates to the order date set by the channel
  • Status of READY

You may test which orders would be processed at any given time using the following SureDone default search:

dateutc:>="-5 days" status:=READY channel:-=amazon

You may set a default fulfillment policy in the Amazon settings page.

If you would like to restrict which orders are processed even further, you may set a search that will append to the above in the Amazon setting for Auto MCF Search Rule. 

For example, to only process orders for your BigCommerce or Shopify store you would set:

(channel:=bigcommerce channel:=shopify)

 You may test the entire expected search filter in the search box by combining it with the default search, for example:

dateutc:>="-5 days" status:=READY channel:-=amazon (channel:=bigcommerce channel:=shopify)

Note: if the search includes an order item filter, multi item orders may include order items that do not meet the required criteria to auto fulfill and will therefore be ignored by the Auto Fulfillment process

By turning this feature on, MCF it will become a completely automated and customizable process.

Note: All order items must be meet the criteria of having an Amazon SKU, be FBA enabled and have enough FBA inventory in order to be processed via auto fulfillment.

To manage Auto Fulfillment: Click on Settings > Orders > Auto Fulfillment then scroll down to Auto Fulfillment and select an Amazon integration. To turn it off, set the value to Disabled.

For order ship tracking to import for FBA MCF orders, FBA Orders Import must be enabled as that is the report used to import tracking for MCF orders.