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Amazon: Using a Different UPC Value

To use a different UPC value for your Amazon instance from your other instances, you can do so by creating a new custom field and then mapping it in your Amazon XML Mapping section of the channel settings. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to your Advanced Settings and add a new custom field for your Amazon UPC:

    The following guide shows you how to add a custom field: https://www.suredone.com/guides/how-to-create-custom-fields/

  2. Go to your channel settings and in your Amazon XML Mapping settings, map UPC Field to the new custom field (amznupc in this example) for your Universal Product Fields and click Save Settings:


To use this field on your products, simply input a value in the new Amazon UPC field in the product editor or via bulk upload. Once the item is listed or updated, the new UPC value should send to Amazon.