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How do I add a UPC Exemption for Amazon?

1. Create a Custom User Field (guide)

2. Go to Amazon XML Mapping -> Universal Product Fields and map the RegisteredParameter field to the user field (guide)

3. The value that will go in for the items that need a UPC exemption are one of the following (depending on the exemption that you have)

  • PrivateLabel (most common)
  • Specialized
  • NonConsumer
  • PreConfigured
Amazon should have told you which value to use when you were approved for the exemption - if you don't know, contact Amazon Seller Support and they should be able to help.

The rest of your listing should be setup as usual - as long as the value is submitted for registered Parameter.

Tip: You can set up a default value for custom user fields - so that every time the page loads, it will pre-fill with the value you select. To use this, you need to enter the value such as PrivateLabel in "Default:" when creating the field.