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Amazon Shipping Templates

Similar to eBay shipping profiles, Amazon Shipping Templates allow users to assign names to sets of shipping options and assign them to items by that name.

To switch your account to handle Amazon Shipping Templates, you should go to Settings > Channels > Amazon Main Options (or to the particular Amazon instance if there are more instances) and set Shipping Template from Off to On.

Note: Once you switch to Amazon Shipping Templates you are not able to go back to using Amazon Overrides. 

Creating the templates themselves is done in Amazon, but can be applied to items from the SureDone platform after we’ve allowed your account to do so. To start applying templates through SureDone please go through the following steps:

  1. Create a new custom field in Settings > Custom Fields that will be dedicated to your Amazon Shipping Templates (i.e. amznshippingtemplatename). If you choose varchar as the type, please remember to consider the varchar limit when naming your templates in SureDone.
  2. Go to Settings > Channels and under Type of XML to edit: Universal Fields search for ShippingTemplate. Map the new custom field to ShippingTemplate and save settings:=

To learn more about how Amazon XML Mapping works please see our video or this detailed guide.

  1. Input the name of the template you want to use on the item either via the product editor or in bulk using the new custom field as your header.
    • Product Editor – Input name of the template in new Amazon Shipping Template field, then click Retry Item or Update making sure Amazon isn’t skipped:

  • Bulk – Use new custom field as a header in the bulk file and input name of the template in the field. Submit upload making sure Amazon isn’t skipped:

After going through these steps, an Amazon Shipping Template should be applied to your item(s).