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How To: Use eBay's Max Stock

This feature can be used if you’re a newer seller to eBay and do not want to exceed the seller limits eBay imposes on new accounts and even some older existing accounts. 

For example, you may have a limit of 1,000 listings or up to $200,000.00 in product listings for the month. If you have 1400 of the same item at $200/item, you have exceeded your limit of $200,000.00. 

So using the max stock would let you "artificially" say (to eBay) you only have 5 of that item. Therefore you only use up $1,000 of the limit and can now list more items.


You might also have a lot of stock of a certain product. However, you may want your buyers to think that they need to buy out before you run out! 

The Max Stock feature for eBay is how this can be achieved. 

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • Your actual stock is 40 of a certain item.
  • You set your "Max stock" to 3.
  • eBay will display 3 as the number in stock (even though you actually have 40)
  • eBay will display 3 as the stock number as long as the stock is greater than or equal to 3.
  • Once you sell 38, eBay will start displaying your actual stock (2) as the number in stock.

Setting up Max Stock:


To use max stock, you will first need to create a custom field. If you need instructions, please see our guide on How to Create a Custom Field.


  • You’ll need to name the field, such as “maxstockebay”.
  • You’ll use a Varchar of length 25.


Please keep in mind if you do not want this field displayed then you should make sure the Display toggle is turned off. This toggle is on by default. Once you have created your max stock custom field, you’ll need to map it in your eBay Channel settings.


Mapping the Max Stock:

1. Click on Settings > Selling >Channels.

2. Click on the eBay Channel you are going to be using to expand the settings options.

3. Once here scroll down the page to “Max Stock Field” and select your max stock custom field from the drop down menu.

4. Click on Save Settings in the bottom right hand corner to record your changes and you are ready to list.

Using the Max Stock when listing: 

1. When listing a product, enter the stock quantity in the general tab as you normally would.

2. Scroll down to the eBay section, and enter the desired Max stock quantity.  

3. List your product to eBay.

4. Verify that your desired max stock is displaying correctly. 

Using the Max Stock when listing in bulk:


Specify the Max stock quantity using the bulk header you created in the custom fields for Max stock.  Using the custom field example above, you would use “maxstockebay”. The header field is displayed in your default eBay settings as the Max Stock Field.

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