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Selling Successfully on eBay

Using SureDone to manage your eBay listings is not only more efficient, but can even be more successful, using some of SureDone’s advanced eBay control features. To put it simply, you can sell more in less time.

The articles in this series include:

2.1 Authorizing your eBay Channel

2.1.1 eBay Channel Settings

2.2 Creating a New eBay Listing

2.2.1 Editing an eBay Listing

2.2.2 Ending an eBay Listing

2.2.3 Copying an eBay Listing

2.3.1 Features for eBay Listing Types (Auction & Fixed Price)

2.3.2 Setting up eBay Auctions

2.3.3 Scheduling your eBay Auctions

2.3.4 Using Use eBay Out of Stock Control on SureDone

2.3.6 Selecting your eBay Category

2.3.7 How To: Use eBay's Strikethrough

2.3.8 How To: Use eBay's Max Stock

2.3.9 Entering "Does Not Apply" on UPC Required Listings

2.3.10 Setting up eBay Extended Holiday Return Policy

2.3.11 How To: Use eBay's Best Offer Feature