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How To: Use eBay's Best Offer Feature

Best Offer is used to allow your customers to offer you a price other than your set price. You may set a minimum price that you are willing to take, and set an auto accept price as well.

If you set a Minimum Price and you receive an offer, you will be notified that an offer has been made. It will be up to you to accept or deny it. If you set an auto accept amount, then the system will automatically process the transaction at that price or above.

This feature can only be used with Fixed Price Listings.

Adjusting your Best Offer Default Settings:

1. Browse to Settings >Channels

2. Expand the eBay Channel you are going to be using.

3. Once here scroll down the page to “Best Offer” within Features and turn On the toggle if you need to enable it (else keep it Off)


4. Click on Save Settings in the bottom right hand corner to record your changes and you are ready to list.

Using Best Offer during listing:

If set Best Offer from OFF to ON from in the default settings, all items will be on for Best Offer – current and new. If you don’t want to set Best Offer globally, just go to an individual item in eBay Details and set Best Offer to On by clicking the radio button.

1. Ensure that the Best Offer Radio button is set to ON (set to the right).

  • If blue, then the default has been overridden.
  • If dark grey, then the default is ON.

2. Add a Best Offer Minimum Price.

  • You will receive an email if an offer is made above this price.
  • You can choose to accept or deny the offer.

3. Add a Best Offer Auto Accept Price.

  • All Best Offers equal to or above the Auto Accept Price, will be automatically accepted.

4. You are ready to list the item. 

Using Best Offer in Bulk:

To turn on the best offer feature, use the header “ebaybestofferenabled

· TRUE - Offer Best Offer on this listing

· FALSE - Do not use Best Offer on this listing

· If left Blank  your default setting will be used.

To set a best offer minimum price, use the header “ebaybestofferminimumprice”.

  • Any number with up to 2 decimal places will be accepted.

To set a best offer auto accept price, use the header “ebaybestofferautoacceptprice”.

  • Any number with up to 2 decimal places will be accepted.