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Using eBay Required & Recommended Item Specifics

SureDone will generate recommended and required item specifics that are relevant to the category you are listing under. The item specific generator is dynamic and will populate the fields after you type in a new category number or lookup a category using the eBay category search bar. This data is updated periodically directly from eBay to help ensuring your listings contain required fields and recommended item specifics that will help improve search and traffic to your listings.

  1. Type in your category number or search for the category you’re looking for

2. After populating the category number, the REQUIRED and RECOMMENDED fields will show up. The required fields have to all be filled out in order for your product to list to eBay successfully. The recommended fields are optional.

3.Each field is pre-populated with data that comes directly from eBay to make it very easy for you to find the value you’re looking for. For example, if you need to select a shoe size, we pull all the values that eBay offers for that item specific.

4. If any of the fields say Add to Specifics Fields and are a required field, you must press this one time to create the mapping from SureDone to eBay Item Specifics.

After pressing it, it will change to Move to Field, which is a confirmation that the field has been successfully mapped.
5. Press Move to Field on each required field to let our system take you to fill out the value for that item specific.

The field you are looking to populate will flash red and white several times once you’re brought to it.

Once all the required fields are populated and you’ve filled out any of the optional recommended fields, you are ready to finish updating or listing your product.