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eBay Listing Options

This guide explains the different features and options you have with your eBay listings. It is an informational guide that is meant to provide further explanation for users that might be new to the system or a particular feature. For a more "step-by-step" guide on listing to eBay, read our guide on Creating a New eBay Listing.


Titles & Subtitles

Listing Type

Out of Stock Control

Best Offer

Immediate Payment

Category ID

Store Categories

Item Specifics

Listing Template & Description

eBay Business Policy Profiles

1.Titles & Subtitles

The first field in the eBay section is the Title field. If you leave this field blank, it will automatically pull the title from the General section at the top.

eBay Titles have a character limit of 80 - the counter to the right of the title field shows how many characters have currently been entered in the field. More about eBay’s title requirements and recommendations can be read on eBay's website.

eBay also allows you to add a subtitle to your listing for an additional fee (typically $0.50-$2.00). This subtitle shows up below the main title in the search gallery and can help differentiate your product in competitive categories with many sellers. You can learn more on eBay's website.

To add a subtitle in SureDone, simply click “Add subtitle” and a second field will appear in the editor listing.

2. Listing Type

SureDone supports both types of eBay Listings - Fixed Price & Auction - you can set your default listing type in settings, and you can change it on the item level for any specific item.

For a more in-depth comparison of the two listings types check out this guide.

3. Best Offer

Best Offer lets customers counter your price with an offer of their own, which can help increase sales.

To learn more about the best offer feature and how it works - check out the guide dedicated to it.

4. Immediate Payment

Fixed Price Listings can also require Immediate Payment, which requires the buyer to immediately enter payment information at checkout. This is a useful option for time-sensitive items, like concert tickets.

5. Category ID

This field is required by eBay. It tells them under which category to list your product. You can find the Category ID by using SureDone’s simple look up tool.

  1. Search a keyword in the eBay Category Search field
  2. Select a category in the dropdown that will appear after you search
  3. The Category ID field will automatically populate with the Category ID of the category you selected

You can also lookup the numbers directly from a third-party source such as http://www.isoldwhat.com/getcats/.

Pro Tip: If you find yourself listing in the same categories frequently, write them on an index card and keep that on your desk so you can quickly key them in.

Second Categories

eBay also allows you to list the product in a second category, although it usually charges additional fees for this. You can learn more about this on eBay’s website.

Within SureDone, the Second Category works exactly the same as the first category.

6. Store Categories

These are the store categories - they are created directly in eBay. You may assign zero, one, or two Store Categories to a product.

7. Item Specifics

Most eBay categories have both required & recommended item specifics. This information helps provide the customer with more detailed information about the product as well as provide keywords for customers to search & filter by.

For more details on how Item Specifics work in SureDone, you should read our guide here.

8. Listing Template & Description

SureDone supports many different types of eBay Listing Descriptions, including dynamic templates. To learn more about how to install a custom eBay template into SureDone for your listings, check out the guide on eBay Templates.

There are a few important things to note - when using an eBay template, it pulls the actual description text from the Description field in the General section(longdescription in a spreadsheet) as well as any other fields you have designed your template to use.

It is also important to know that if you enter data in the eBay “Custom Description” it will overwrite your template - you cannot use both the template & custom description fields unless you turn on eBay Custom Description Override in your settings.

9. eBay Business Policy Profiles

SureDone Supports eBay’s Business Policy Profiles for Payment, Return & Shipping Options. We highly encourage you to try them and see if they can simplify your listing process with SureDone by bundling default settings for you.

These profiles are created directly in eBay and then imported via your Channel Settings in SureDone. We have a separate guide on setting them up here.