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How To: Use eBay's Strikethrough Pricing/MSRP

The eBay Strikethrough Program is an invite-only program. If you have been selected to be a part of the program, you may use this feature through SureDone. If you have not been invited to the program, you can contact eBay to ask for an invitation to the program.

In order to show discounts for your eBay listings, you can use the Strikethrough Pricing Program. Each listing will show two prices, one “List Price” and one “Now” price. The "List Price" displays with a line striking through it. Buyers only pay the “Now” price. The listing also shows a  "You save" amount, calculated as the total discount.

Turning on Strikethrough Pricing:

1. Click on Settings > Channels

2. Expand the eBay instance (eBay Main) you are going to be using

3. You will see the option “Strikethrough MSRP” within "Features", toggle it ON by clicking the radio Button. It turns blue when enabled.


4. Click on Save Settings in the bottom right hand corner to record your changes and you are ready to list. 

Using Strikethrough when listing:

1. Enter the But it Now Price in Price field.

2. Enter the List Price in MSRP field.


Using Strikethrough in Bulk:


The Buy it Now price uses the “price” header field in our bulk file.

The List price uses the “msrp” header field in our bulk file.

If you want to edit these fields via bulk and the items are existing in SureDone and on eBay, then your bulk file should look like this: