When you sign up with SureDone and authorize your eBay instance, we realize importing products from your eBay store in to your SureDone account is going to be important. This guide will walk you through the process of importing your items in.

1) From your eBay Settings page expand "eBay Main" and check the boxes for "Import" and "File Only". Assuming this is your first import from this eBay instance, keep the drop down below it to show "Create Only" and then hit "Save Settings". This will trigger an import of all your existing eBay listings in to a spreadsheet. See screenshot below:

2) Your page will auto-refresh (and you might see some warnings in an orange background, which is normal so you can ignore that) so in order for you to see progress, click to expand "eBay Main" again. You will see "Import Status" with a date and time stamp of when you triggered your import. Now you'll have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to several days, depending on the size of your catalog.

3) When the file is ready, you will see a link on this page for you to download the eBay import file

4) Note that the file would contain all your data from eBay including your descriptions embedded within your eBay template, fitment information (in case you are listing parts compatibility on eBay Motors), Image URLs, Item Specifics and much more. We recommend you open the file in excel (or similar program like Libre Office) and exclude the following fields because some of these fields might contain more characters than the maximum characters a field can hold in excel, and that may break the cells in excel. (You can add them in your account after the initial import, we will show you how in the next guide)

Here's a video on how you can set up your file:

5) Now that you have saved your CSV file, go to the Bulk Uploads page in your account and take a look at the screenshot below on what options to select on the page to successfully upload your file.

6) The bulk results page will show you progress on your upload. When your upload is complete, you will see your products showing up on the All Products page