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Using eBay Out of Stock Control on SureDone

You can use the eBay Out of Stock Control feature to keep items you sell frequently listed on eBay even when you are out of stock. Some of the features are:

  • Must use GTC (Good Till Canceled) for the duration
  • Will retain the same eBayID
  • eBay allows up to 90 days to replenish inventory on the listing once stock hits 0

The benefits to you:

  • Easier inventory management
  • Item identification history (used for search engine optimization and merchandising)
  • Sales history retention
  • Easier item variation management.

How to use the Out of Stock Control:

The Out of Stock Control feature applies to your entire instance. When you authorize your eBay store within SureDone, we set it to whatever the setting was on eBay, so if was enabled within your eBay account, it will be enabled within SureDone. If it was disabled, then it will stay disabled in SureDone.

This setting is now available to change through our support team only. If it needs to be changed, please create a ticket via support.suredone.com