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Amazon Send Only ASIN

There are times when listing management on Amazon may become too cumbersome due to the complexity of the listing attributes or you just want a simple way to list using existing Amazon ASINs.

Enabling the feature Send Only ASIN will force SureDone to only send the minimal amount of data needed to match against an existing catalog ASIN.

Below details how Send Only ASIN operates behind the scenes.

Enabling and using Send Only ASIN

To enable the Send Only ASIN feature head to Channels > Amazon > Settings > Send Only ASIN

Next, the product being listed/managed must have a listing upc type (more commonly known as the Amazon Standard Product ID type) as ASIN - which is the default in most accounts. Other than ASIN, another upc type set may be UPC - which would be set if you created the Amazon listing via SureDone using a UPC as the Standard Product ID.

And finally, any product field mapped for RegisteredParameter must be empty - which is used when creating new listings/ASINs on Amazon.

Note: if you are having issues where you want to use Send Only ASIN on a product but originally created it using a UPC, you can export out the amznoptions field and force modify the attribute standardproductid to ASIN. And further unset any data you may have set in the field mapped to RegisteredParameter.

Differences with using Send Only ASIN

The first major difference with Send Only ASIN is that it sends PartialUpdate vs Update requests to the Amazon Product API, meaning the requests to Amazon will only modify the fields in the request instead of attempting a complete overwrite of listing attributes.

With Send Only ASIN product criteria met, supplement image and variation relationship feeds will not be submitted.

Only the following product feed attributes are submitted:

  • SKU
  • StandardProductID Type: ASIN
  • StandardProductID Value: ASIN Value