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How to use Multiple Amazon ASINs for a Single Product with alias SKUs

For sellers that need to accommodate products that legitimately match to multiple ASINs, SureDone offers Amazon specific alias functionality. To leverage this feature, configure an "asin_alias" in the Amazon settings and enter in multiple ASINs to the amzn{instance}asin field delimited by "*". This method supports as many ASINs that can fit into the amzn{instance}asin field which has a 100 character limit.

Once these multiple ASINs are submitted, SureDone will create SKU aliases on Amazon in the following format:


You may configure the value that is used for the asin_alias in the Amazon channel settings. 

Note: if you change this setting, existing created ASIN alias SKUs will not sync correctly. 

During initial listing of multiple ASINs, they are put in a pending status preventing inventory and price syncing for these alias SKUs until a periodic listing report job confirms alias SKUs attached to those ASINs are in Amazon.

These alias SKUs operate within product, inventory and price updates only and the system will only sync and manage aliases for ASINs stored in this field. For example, if you submit 4 ASINs for a specific SKU and the listing report marks them active then inventory and price updates will begin syncing the main product data for those alias SKUs. If you then change or remove ASINs from this field, then product feeds will only include ASINs submitted and price and inventory syncing will not sync for these alias SKUs until another report confirms the ASIN changes for the alias SKUs. Note: The ASIN alias SKUs will always be numbered by the index stored in the amzn{instance}asin field. For example, if the amzn{instance}alias field has 5 ASINs, then the 4 additional ASINs will be managed by SKUs {SellerSKU}-{asin_alias}-1 through {SellerSKU}-{asin_alias}-4.

Note: in order for the integration to create new alias SKUs on Amazon, action "add" or "relist" (retry) is required. You may encounter errors when updating listings with ASIN alias SKUs that have not been created on Amazon. If you end a listing on Amazon, SureDone will attempt to end related ASIN alias SKUs as well. However, if you need to end individual alias SKUs on Amazon, this must be done manually by removing the ASIN from the amzn{instance}asin field and deleting directly on Amazon Seller Central.

Orders that import for ASIN alias SKUs will sync to the main product. For example, if you sell {SellerSKU}-{asin_alias}-2 then the order import will sync {SellerSKU} as the order item.