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Searching for active, inactive, incomplete and suppressed Amazon Items in SureDone

For Amazon similar searches are not so straightforward when you compare them to some of the search queries, that can be used for the items and their statuses on eBay (for example ebayid:>0 for all active items on eBay) and that is only because of the way Amazon and their listing process are designed. The search below would return only the active items on Amazon, provided there weren't any errors returned after they were initially submitted to the channel for processing:

amznasin:-= amznsku:-= stock:>0

There are a couple of other searches, that can be used for finding items in SureDone, that are with an active, inactive, incomplete or suppressed Amazon status and please see a few examples below. With those searches, you would be able to see the items, that had triggered an error when they were submitted to the channel and please bear in mind, that as we pull from Amazon the status updates for the existing items 4 times a day at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 and in order to have more accurate results, it might be best to try and use the searches below at the beginning of the day, so the items, that were relisted or updated at the end of the previous day would have their status updated correctly too:


amznasin:-= amznstatus:"inactive"