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How To: Find an Amazon Category Node (Item Type)

What is an Amazon Category Node?

A node is how Amazon refers to what is essentially a sub-category. It is a number identifier that Amazon uses to group products into pretty specfic buckets. It is sometimes referred to as Item Type (and is labeled as such in your editor). This guide will show you how to use SureDone to get those numbers so you can list with accuracy.

How to Find the Node

1. Go to the Editor

2. Click Add Item on the top left

3. Go to the Amazon section on the bottom of the new item editor

4. Select your category from the dropdown (e.g. "8 - Electronics")

5. Type a keyword from your specific category in the box above (e.g. "laptop")

6. Press Go Note: Do not press enter

7. Select your node from the dropdown

8. The node id number will automatically populate into the Item Type field on the left

9. You can now use this node id to list products directly in the editor (just type it in or copy/paste) as well as being able to use it to list with the bulk tool (under the header "amznitemtype")