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SureDone e-Commerce Storefront SSL Secure Site

As of August, 2018, SureDone provides FREE SSL protection for all of its storefronts. In the past we protected your checkout cart. Moving forward, we will protect your entire site with an SSL certificate at no additional cost to you. 

However, there are a few steps to take to make this happen:

  1. Confirm you are the owner of your website domain (click here)
  2. If you have a custom template, ensure that everything points to a secure (https) resource - HTML pages, CSS, JavaScript, etc. (click here)

Confirming you are the owner of your website domain

You will receive an e-mail to ALL of the following e-mail addresses (we cannot change these or put in a custom address):

  • Based on your domain registration in WHOIS
    • The Domain Registrant e-mail address
    • The Technical Contact e-mail address
    • The Administrative Contact e-mail address
  • administrator@your_domain_name
  • hostmaster@your_domain_name
  • postmaster@your_domain_name
  • webmaster@your_domain_name
  • admin@your_domain_name

Within this e-mail will be a link to approve the request. Please click on this link.

This will redirect you to a web page. Click on the "I approve" button to complete the approval process.

If this is successful, you will see a screen similar to the following:

Custom Templates

The SureDone stock template will work without modification. If you have a custom template, however, you may need to modify it to support a fully secure (https) site.

Examples of fully secure site:

Note that there is a lock icon in green, and next to the lock will be either "Secure" or the name of the organization that owns the site.

Here is an example of a mixed content site (it is using SSL/HTTPS, but some of the content on the page isn't):

Note that, while is says https://, there is no lock icon. Instead there is an "info" icon which, when clicked, will tell you "Your connection to this site is not fully secure".

If your site is similar (no green lock) then you will need to modify your template. Be sure to check multiple pages (homepage, sub-content pages, product pages, etc.). Securing your site may include modifying your HTML templates, CSS files and/or any included JavaScript files.

Please note that SureDone support WILL NOT provide support on how to modify your template files. If you are unsure how to do this yourself, please contact the organization that originally created your template (they will most likely charge a fee to modify the site). 

Alternatively, the SureDone professional services team can modify your template for a one-time cost of $250. This service only includes modifying anything that points to an insecure resource to now point to a secure resource. It does not include finding a secure resource or any other modifications to your site - no matter how small. Please open a ticket with support if you would like to have this service performed on your site.