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How can I copy my eBay store categories to my SureDone Storefront?

SureDone has the ability to copy and convert over all of the items from someone's eBay Store to their SureDone Store.

To import the eBay store categories into SureDone and place the items in the proper categories, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Channels > eBay Options

  2. Scroll down to Import Store Categories and check the checkboxes for:

    - Import Categories
    - Convert Categories

NB! Checking the Import box and hitting “Save Settings” will import your categories. If you want to convert your categories to align to SureDone storefront categories, you can do so by checking the Convert box too, while if you check File Only in addition, then the system will generate a file, that you can download and review first without making any changes to the category data in the system.

   3. Click Save Settings and it might take a few minutes for the process to complete.