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How do I prevent an eBay Auction Listing from Showing on my Suredone Storefront?

Explanation:  Since we do not currently have a "skip storefront" option in the UI or in bulk, when you create an auction listing in Suredone the item will show up in your Suredone Storefront as you initial auction price, obviously this is something you would not want to happen.

Best Answer:  List the auction as you normally would.  Then Un-check all of the "List on" as shown in the attached image.  This means that the information will only be sent to the storefront and not affect any of those 3 channels.  Go to Action at the bottom of the screen and click disable.  This will disable the item on the storefront and leave it enabled on all of those channels.

Alternative Answer:  You can set a high general price on those listings for the storefront and then use the ebay price override for the real auction start price for eBay.  So you can sell it for the normal price on the Storefront while still having the auction listing up on eBay.