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How To: Set Shipping on Suredone’s Storefront

This guide contains several features that are no longer available on SureDone and is in the queue to be updated. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you can't find what you are looking for, please open a support ticket.

Setting up your Shipping settings for your storefront can be complex without a full understanding unless you know what you are looking at. 

To start, go to SETTINGS>STOREFRONT>Shipping

If your shipping section is not activated yet, toggle this switch ON

Ship Mode has three options. 

  • Hybrid is selected if you ship Fixed Rate and Calculated. The difference, while listing would be entering the Cost of shipping or the Weight and Dimensions of the item. As soon as you enter Cost, it becomes Flat Rate. 

  • Calculated would not allow Flat Rate and would give an error if you have not entered weight and dimensions. 

  • Fixed is set to enter a dollar amount for shipping. If Shipping Cost is not filled out, your item may appear as free shipping.

Ship To Address adds a ship to address on the storefront for separate billing/shipping addresses.

Ship as Gift adds an option for the storefront so the price does not show up on the invoice.

International Shipping, when toggled off will not offer an international shipping option. On will allow international shipments.

Freight Shipping messageis an option to select a Freight option for items over 150Lbs. Enabling this option will show an error message at checkout requesting customers to contact for a quote for products that weight 150LBs or greater.

Combine Handling Charges is an option to combine all handling charges to invoice the customer, or not to combine them.

Domestic Shipping Rate, International Shipping Rate, Domestic Shipping Rate USPS and International Shipping Rate USPS are all used if you want to charge a % more or less than the actual calculated rate coming back from the shipping carrier. By default, it is set at 1. Therefore, if you want to charge 10% more, you would enter 1.10 in the field. If you want to charge 10% less, you would enter 0.90 in the field. This is for advanced calculated shipping only.

Default Domestic Service, Domestic International Service are the default ship settings that show up in the drop-down on the storefront for shipping.

Free Shipping is a toggle if you want to choose free shipping as an option.

How to set Surcharge Locations for the Storefront?

Different surcharge locations and only one shipping surcharge can be set for the storefront products in SETTINGS>STOREFRONT>Shipping

Location/s has to be selected from the drop-down and then click on the "Save Settings" button in order to be added and if any has to be removed, the particular location has to be selected, the Remove toggle has to be turned to On and Save Settings.