If you already have an account, click here and skip to Step 4. 

1. Go to Paypal & login or Create your Account (Business or Premier will work)

2. From your dashboard click “Profile” and select “My Selling Tools” from the drop-down menu

3. Find the row labelled “API Access” and click “Update”

4. Click “Request API Credentials”

5. Select “Request API Signature” & click “Agree and Submit”

6. You should your new API Username, Password & Signature - Leave this page open

7. Open a new window and login to your SureDone account

8. Click “Settings” from the left sidebar

9. Click the “Selling” tab from the top menu

10. Scroll down to the section “PayPal Website Payments Pro”

11. From the “Express Checkout” drop down select “on”

12. Copy and paste your PayPal Username, Password, and Signature from 6

13. Scroll down and click “Save Settings”

14.  If you require Fraud Protection, make sure to subscribe for & Set up Paypal Fraud Protection Services.