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How do I sort my categories alphabetically on my Storefront?

1. Go to BULK > Export and change the type to categories and click export results:

2.  Once the export is finished download it from the bottom of that same page, you may need to refresh/reload the page:

3.  Once you have the csv file opened in excel, delete all of the columns except for cid , navorder and navtitle and level and then delete all of the values out of navorder.  Delete all ROWS of information that are level 2 and then delete the level column as well.

4.  Next Select all of the cells by clicking the Triangle in the corner as shown below and then go to "Sort and Filter" > Custom Sort and then check "My Data Has Headers and change the sort by to Navtitle, obviously keep the sorting at A to Z.

5.  Now that everything is sorted in alphabetical order, put the values in navorder starting with 1 as shown below and then highlight column A and right click and insert column.  In that new column in cell A1 just put action=edit:

6.  Save the file, go to Bulk Uploads and choose the file and check Force and Skip all Channels and then click upload and you are finished.