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How do I setup SEO for my Storefront?

****At anytime during this process you may active your Suredone Storefront by going to Settings  >  General  >  Switch Site Status to ON  then SAVE SETTINGS, but you can wait until the end if you would like****

1.  If you haven't done so already I would start by going to Google Analytics:


2.  Then Set up Google Webmaster tools:


3. Link Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics:


4. Go to SETTINGS > SUMMARY Click on the sitemap link and then when it appears in your browser add .xml to the end of it.  Copy this link, with the .xml and the end of it and save it for the next step.  This will be your sitemap you use for Google Webmaster Tools


5.Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools  for indexing:



Optional Web Site Optimization:


9.  Put the title of your business in the html title section in the Suredone editor. (can be done in bulk)


10.  Short description will be auto-populated with the long description for SEO purposes so no need to fill that out unless you want to.


The last thing you may want to do is setup a Google Merchant Account, here is a guide for that process.