- Error Code:21919490

ShortMessage:Security policy violation. Description contains HTTP resources, which are not secure.

LongMessage:eBay security policy only allows HTTPS resources in listings, not HTTP. Please update or remove any HTTP resources. \nDescription"]

Explanation and resolution:

eBay have introduced new requirements for the product images, custom listing templates and item descriptions and you can take a look at the eBay Summer 2017 update page as it goes into further detail and also at the Browser Security Standards page, since it contains additional information about the HTTPS compliance and please bear in mind and as eBay stated, new and non-compliant HTTP listings, which contain non-secure content or assets would be blocked by eBay as of September 15, 2018.

There are different external tools in addition to eBay's built-in tool, which can be used in order to identify any eBay listings, which are flagged for HTTP issues and an example can be and you can also take a look at the following guides as they go into further detail and you would be able to see more information about the updated SureDone stock templates, which can be used in case a custom template needs to be edited in order to secure the assets and comply with the new eBay requirements:

- Updating your SureDone default template

- eBay Requires all assets to be served via HTTPS (SSL)