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eBay Requires all assets to be served via HTTPS (SSL)


From eBay:

As described in eBay’s 2017 Summer Seller Update: To align with industry standards, eBay will soon begin moving all listings and stores pages to HTTPS to protect data, and so that buyers do not see the new “Not secure” message in Google Chrome (and other browsers in the future) when they visit eBay.


To ensure that listings are displayed as expected, sellers will need to specify HTTPS URLs for externally-hosted images, videos, audio, and/or CSS resources that are included in listing descriptions; and/or for pictures that are sent using the eBay API (directly or via a third-party provider).


This means sellers will only be able to use hosting domains that:

  • Can serve files over HTTPS (many sellers will attempt to simply add change “HTTP” to “HTTPS” for their existing URLs)
  • Use current and correctly configured security certificates

From SureDone:

The Suredone server is fully capable of sending all image assets via HTTPS and is configured to support all of our customers for this function. However, you will need to check your eBay templates to ensure they are pointing to https:// assets for both SureDone and any other asset site you use (for example, some customers point to a different system to pull their images onto their listings).

However, you may need to adjust your template or descriptions to ensure that you are actually using the HTTPS version of each asset.

If you are using the default SureDone template, please follow the directions here to update it to our secure version, or replace it with our revised default template.

An asset can be:

  • An image
  • An external style sheet
  • Assets INSIDE style sheets
  • An embedded video or audio file

Please review your eBay templates by:

  1. Going to Settings > Channels

  2. Clicking on the options heading for the eBay store you would like to check

  3. Scroll down until you see "View Ebay Templates"

  4. Click on the template to download it to your computer. If there are no templates listed (it's blank next to View Ebay Template), you are using the default SureDone listing template and DO NOT need to do anything further.

Once you have downloaded your template, please look for any references to http:// and replace them with https:// and then re-upload your template (this will work for suredone.com and cloudflare assets - if you are using other sites you will need to check with them to ensure they support SSL).

What Support CAN do

  • Give you assistance in finding your eBay template
  • Give you assistance with how to re-upload your eBay template
  • Give you assistance with how to use your revised template for your eBay listings

What Support CANNOT do

  • Review your eBay template for you to see if you are using all https:// assets
  • Tell you how to modify your template code
  • Download your templates for you
  • Re-upload your templates for you
  • Relist or edit your items with your revised template

What Professional Services CAN do

For $125 per template, our professional services team will:

  • Download your template from your SureDone account
  • Review it for non-SSL links
  • Re-link any SureDone and Cloudflare assets as SSL
  • Test other links to see if they can be served via SSL
  • Prepare a report for you of other non-SSL links that we cannot re-link via SSL
  • Upload your revised template

If you would like our professional services team to re-list your items with your new template, they would be happy to provide you with a quote after reviewing your account.