Normally, the eBay Store Categories are sorted by their eBay ID. Many users want to sort these alphabetically instead.

We have developed some javascript that can be used to facilitate this. We have tested this in Chrome. It does require a third party plugin to add Javascript to pages. This enhancement is unsupported by our support team due to it being a workaround.

Based on using Chrome:

  1. Download and install the "Custom JavaScript for websites" Chrome plugin. A "cjs" logo should appear in your plugins:

  2. Navigate to
  3. Left click on the "cjs" plugin icon.
  4. You should see "" appear on the left (see screenshot below). Check the "enable cjs for this host" box.

  5. Copy and paste the following code where it says "// Here You can type your custom JavaScript...":

    function sortFunction(a,b){return a.label===b.label?0:a.label<b.label?-1:1}function sortselect(a){$("#"+a).exists()&&($("#"+a+" option").size()<Object.keys(user_json.defaults[a].fo).length?window.setTimeout(sortselect,100):(selectedoption=$("select#"+a+" option:checked").val(),myList=[],$("#"+a+" option").each(function(){""!==$(this).val()&&myList.push({value:$(this).val(),label:$(this).attr("label")})}),myList.sort(sortFunction),$("#"+a).empty(),$("#"+a).append('<option value selected="true" class></option>'),$.each(myList,function(b,c){c.value==selectedoption?$("#"+a).append('<option value="'+c.value+'" selected="selected" label="'+c.label+'"></option>'):$("#"+a).append('<option value="'+c.value+'" label="'+c.label+'"></option>')})))}jQuery.fn.exists=function(){return this.length>0},sortselect("ebaystoreid"),sortselect("ebaystoreid2");

  6. Click "Save"

  7. The page should reload and the "Store Category" and "Store Category 2" lists should be sorted: