This is all we are providing customers for template modification:

1. click blue link in the Suredone ebay Channel Settings on the template you want to modify
2.  go to the new tab and right click view source
3.  copy all of the code and paste into a text editor like notepad or sublime text recommended
4.  Modify the text in the template that needs to reflect your new changes

5.  save the template as a .htm and upload to Suredone
6.  Delete any of the old templates you arent going to use anymore and make the new template your default template
7. Go to a new product and test the template to make sure it is working properly (update a single item with the new template selected
8.  Check ebay and make sure that is the result you were looking for, if it is then you need to do a bulk edit and apply this template to all of your listings with:  action=edit guid and ebaytemplate with the exact template name including the .htm