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Features for eBay Listing Types (Auction & Fixed Price)

There are fundamental differences between two types of eBay listings, which makes many of the eBay features listing type specific.


The following general features are usable regardless of the type of listing: 

1. Adding Subtitles

  • Small surcharge involved

2. Category ID

  • Required for Listing
  • Always use a category that has no Sub-Categories

3. Second Category ID

  • Small surcharge Involved

4. Store Categories

5. Item Specifics

  • Depends on the Category ID

6. Listing Templates

7. Business Policy Profiles

Fixed Price Listings use the following features:

1.  Out of Stock Control 

  • Must be using GTC for listing duration
  • Simplifies inventory management, sales history, variations, and product search
2. Best Offer
  • Increases Sales
3. Min and Max Stock
  • Control what information gets sent to eBay

These features are only usable on Fixed Price Items since fixed price items allow for stock quantities greater than 1 and have a fixed cost.


Auction Listings use the following features:

1. Buy it Now Pricing

  • Increase sales by setting a price that lets buyers secure their purchase before the end of the Auction
2. Auto-Relist
  • Choose the number of times to relist them 
  • Choose the follow-up rules after relist tries have been exceeded

These features are only usable on Auction Listings because they are single item listings with flexible pricing.


Each feature has individual articles on what they are used for and how to use them. Click the relevant link below for the feature you are interested in learning more about.