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eBay 82 Main Error: Input Data is Invalid

Problem:  You are receiving the error "eBay 82 Main Error: Input Data is Invalid" when trying to list an item to eBay.

Explanation:  eBay's API errors are sometimes very vague, especially when dealing with image issues.  The above error is basically saying that there is a problem with one or more of the images you are trying to upload to SeBay.

Solution:  First try going to the image editor in Suredone by clicking on the image itself and then saving that image.  Do this for every image that you have for this item.  What you are doing is saving the images in the proper format in Suredone that is usable by eBay.  Many images when they are saved my have color or sizing issues and this will remedy that.

If the problem still persists, save all of the images locally on your machine and delete them all out of Suredone and update the listing.  Then One by One try adding the images, sometimes there is nothing you can do, eBay will just not accept certain images, but more often than not it will at least accept some of the images you have for the item so you can at least get it listed.