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Code: 21916587 Short Message: Missing name in name-value list. Long Message: Missing name in the variation specifics or variation specifics set.

Problem:  You are receiving this error when trying to update a Variation Listing that is Live on eBay.

Solution:  This error can occur when there is a variation value missing in Suredone. 


For Example:  If you have configured an attribute named "Color" for 4 SKUs but had not input a Color value for one of those SKUs, this error would occur. Editing the data and inputting the missing value resolves this issue.


This error can also indicate that there is a mismatch with the information that is currently on eBay versus what we're trying to send to revise your live listing. In order to resolve this you will need to end the listing and relist. 


For Example: you cannot add a new item to an existing variation listing or add another new variation field like size or length to an existing listing that only had color